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  Value chain
Supply chain  

Seismic/ Reservoir


Field development



Oil companies

Reservoir Drilling Subsea Project management, engineering, information management   Operations   Solutions for cleaner production, Oil spill and Safety  

Main contractors

  Systems and equipment   Fabrication and package suppliers E, I & T Maintenance and modifi-cations     Decommis-sioning

System integrators

        Marine system and mechanical equipment   Down-hole and well services    

Product suppliers

Seismic, models and equipment                

Service companies

          Logistics and transport      

R&D, services, institutions

R&D, consulting, training, finance, legal, institutions

Partner benefits


INTSOK is a network-based organisation where the partners exchange experience and knowledge of market developments internationally. The organisation encourages active dialogue between oil companies, technology suppliers, service companies and governments.

Advisory support

With our extensive network of regional directors, 17 Local Oil and Gas Advisors and a range of business partners across the globe, INTSOK offers a thorough knowledge of 17 important markets worldwide.

Anti Corruption Work

Corruption and other unacceptable business practices may represent a challenge in markets where INTSOK and INTSOK partners operate. INTSOK disapproves of corruption and works continuously towards its prevention during the course of its business.